What it means to be a member of AFGE

The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) is the largest and most influential federal and D.C. employees union in the United States. We’re growing stronger every day.  Every day the AFGE union representatives goes into battle for the Social Security employees rights to be treated with fairness, respect and a chance to be heard.  AFGE lobbies the White House, work in agencies, litigate in court and lobby in the halls of Congress for all the AFGE employees and their families in hopes to keep Social Security offices open, an increase in their pay and from jobs disappearing.

By becoming a member of AFGE, not only do you get the full backing of a strong and passionate union but you also receive discounts from a variety of different companies that can save you money.

Here is a sample list of the discounts you can receive by being an AFGE member.  For a complete list of discounts, click here.

AFGE Credit / Debit Cards

Health Club Discounts

Free Prescription Discount Card

Propane Discount

Discount Dental Plan

Vision Program

Car Rentals

and so much more.

To join, click on the image below and fax the 1187 membership to Jennifer Kirkam at 317-532-1001.