The goal of the AFGE/AFL-CIO Union Veterans Council (UVC) is to inform, organize and mobilize union veterans – from AFGE and other unions – to advocate for good jobs, pay and pensions for all veterans as well as a fully funded, affordable and effective veterans’ health care system.

The UVC is dedicated to holding government officials, candidates and elected officials accountable to the needs of military veterans and their families. The Council was not created as an alternative to existing veteran service organizations but as a vehicle for veterans who are union members to add their voice to legislative and political action fights by:

Making our positions on good jobs and the need to protect and improve veterans’ health care known to lawmakers and candidates for public office,
Mobilizing union veterans to take legislative and political action,
Supporting the appointment of individuals who support our positions to government agencies at all levels, and
Forming coalitions and alliances with other veteran groups around union veterans’ issues.

AFGE National President J. David Cox, Sr. currently serves as the Chair of the Union Veterans Council and was a founding member. The Council is becoming a leading voice for holding elected officials and government leaders accountable to the needs of veterans and their family members.

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